Forever and a day de Katja Von Garnier

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German • 2015 • 100 min

Presse internationale / International Press

Ventes internationales / International sales : Doc and Film International

Synopsis :

After 50 years on stages all around the world, The Scorpions decided in 2010, it was time to say their goodbyes to a Rock star lifestyle and to embark on one last music tour. For three years, all round the world, they will have the time of their life.
From their beginnings as young music fans in Hannover they have now become adult men and fondly reminisce on their past, enjoying the present moment, their close relationship to their fans, their long-time crew and not least, each other. FOREVER AND A DAY is the portrait of a life long journey, a love declaration to music. ALWAYS is forever followed by a new DAY, and that’s how The Scorpions rock.

THE VALLEY de Ghassan Salhab

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North African • 2014 • 135 min

Presse Internationale

Ventes internationales / International Sales : Doc & Film International

Synopsis :

Following a car accident on a lone mountain road, a middle-aged man loses his memory. Drenched in blood, he continues to walk abring the deserted path. Further down the road, he encounters people with engine trouble and helps them get their car running again. They are reluctant to leave him stranded, so they take him home to their large estate in the Bekaa valley, a place where production is not only agricultural, and a place he may never leave again…


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Iceland / Denmark • 2014 • 94 min

Presse internationale

Ventes internationales / Word sales : Bac Films International

Synopsis :
Fusi is in his forties and yet to find courage to enter the adult world.
He sleepwalks through everyday life, where routine is key.
When a bubbly woman and an 8-year old girl unexpectedly enter his life, he is forced to take a leap.

Pour les dates des projections de Virgin Mountain durant la Berlinale, cliquez ici.

Festival International du film scientifique

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Pariscience 2014 affiche finale

Du 2 au 7 octobre au Muséum d’histoire naturelle de Paris


Depuis 2005, Pariscience est devenu le rendez-vous incontournable des passionnés de films de science. Cette année le festival va fêter ses 10 ans et vous propose « d’explorer au maximum le spectre de la représentation de la science à l’écran ».

Rendez-vous au Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, à l’institut de Physique du Globe de Paris et à l’université Pierre et Marie Curie.

En téléchargement : Le communiqué de presse Pariscience Juin 2014